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Hand-crafted cherry wood music and instrument stands

Our graceful wooden stands are designed with care to meet the musician’s desire for beautiful accessories.

We believe that stands should be thought of as furniture and should be a pleasant part of the musician’s home playing environment. Like furniture, our stands have been designed to look beautiful while functioning flawlessly. Our guitar stands reflect the graceful shapes of musical instruments while securely cradling the instrument at the lower body and at the neck. Your instrument will be attractively displayed and easily accessible when musical inspiration strikes. One of our stands accommodates guitar cases for musicians who want maximum protection for their instrument.

Our adjustable music stands include a storage compartment for sheet music and optional extended wings for viewing multiple pages at once. All of our stands are portable and work well in small spaces.

Treat the musician in your life to one of our premiere stands knowing they will love your gift!

Form meets function in our quality designs

Introducing the stand whose craftsmanship lives up to your instrument

Our stands are built from cherry, a wood that we selected for its strength and its pleasing grain pattern. Its warm, rich color intensifies with age and will complement your instrument beautifully. Every design and construction choice, down to the smallest detail, has been made with the highest standards of quality in mind. We use dowel construction rather than screws for more secure joinery and sturdy hardware for hinges and adjustable fittings. We use leather for our padded surfaces for its beauty and durability.*

Precise templates and other patterns ensure that the components are made to tight tolerances and fit together perfectly. And finally, each piece is finished to yield a beautiful sheen to your stand. Now that you’ve chosen the perfect instrument, place it on a secure stand crafted with the same care and attention to detail.

* Upon customer request, we will use a synthetic material in lieu of leather.